Sketch Loose and with Textures using Concepts app

Teoh Yi Chie
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This is an intermediate drawing course using the Concepts, an app available on iPad, Android and Windows tablets. If you're not familiar with Concepts, I recommend you check out my beginner's courses for Concepts (on Android and iPad) first. 

This intermediate course will assume you have some knowledge to drawing. 

In this course we'll create a textured sketch of a busy street scene. You'll learn tips on perspective, more specifically on one point perspective. There are drawing techniques on how you can simplify complex scenes, and how you can suggest details without using details.

The drawing techniques taught are not specific to the app and can be applied to other media as well.

To follow along, you'll need to install the Concepts app which you can download here if you haven't.

The course is split into smaller more accessible lessons. 

These are the lessons in this 42min course:
1. Intro
2. What's Concepts great at
3. Preparation
4. Let's draw
5. Colouring
6. Sharing your art
7. Bye

In the first lesson, we'll analyse the scene to understand how we can approach the subject matter. We'll identify challenging areas to draw and find ways to make the drawing process easier. 

It's best to download the reference photo to follow along. The best way to learn is to draw along. The reference photo can be downloaded from the attachment or link

In the course, I'll be using the Soft Pencil and Pastel (paid) brushes. You can use Soft Pencil for the whole drawing, including colouring.

For more drawing exercises with Concepts, check out this course.

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Sketch Loose and with Textures using Concepts app

0 ratings
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