Learn to draw with Concepts on Android and Windows tablets

Teoh Yi Chie
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Concepts is a drawing app available on iPads, Android, Windows and MacOS. This course focuses on the Android and Windows version of Concepts.

If you're using Concepts on iPad, watch the Concepts on iPad course instead because the feature set is slightly different.

This beginner's class will teach you the basics of digital illustration with Concepts in a day. 

The app is free to use but has certain features locked behind a paywall. This class will use the free tools provided so you don't have to spend any money. 

First, download Concepts from https://concepts.app/en/

Follow the tutorial to draw along and learn. Next you can create your own art with the same process.

The more you draw, the more familiar you will be with digital drawing, using the tools and layers.

Anyone can draw. You'll be surprised you can too.

And after you're familiar with the workflow, check out my other intermediate Concepts digital art courses.

These are the lessons in this 41min course:
1. Intro
2. Tools need
3. What is Concepts
4. User interface
5. Backup your art
6. Let's draw
7. Erasing and masking
8. Digital art workflow
9. Bye

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Learn to draw with Concepts on Android and Windows tablets

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