Urban Sketching with Mixed Media & Watercolour

Teoh Yi Chie
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This course covers urban sketching with mixed media supplies such as watercolour, coloured pencils, crayons and opaque markers. 

This course for intermediate learners with basic knowledge of drawing. Beginners are welcome too if you want to challenge yourself, and learn.

The lessons included in this 149-min course are:

  • 1. Introduction (2 min)
  • 2. Influences (12 min)
  • 3. Tools (24 min)
  • 4. Warm up drawing exercises (24 min)
  • 5. Sketch a church - Part 1/2 (24 min)
  • 6. Sketch a church - Part 2/2 (15 min)
  • 7. Sketch Chinatown - Part 1/2 (22 min)
  • 8. Sketch Chinatown - Part 2/2 (24 min)
  • 9. Goodbye (2 min)

Download the reference photos and follow along with the lessons. The more you draw, the better you get.

There will be an introduction to the tools and supplies used for creating mixed media art. You'll learn about the pros and cons for each tool. I recommend you explore more on your own after the course because certain tools work better together than others.

The tutorials are guided step by step so that you can draw along while you watch. I'll be teaching you about composition, colouring, adding details and other things you should consider before sketching.

Using mixed media supplies is all about experimentation. You will be able to find the combination of tools and supplies that work best for you with more experience.

Feel free to ask questions!

These are examples of mixed media art we will create together.

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Urban Sketching with Mixed Media & Watercolour

0 ratings
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